The set designers for Stargate Universe are phenomenal talents who routinely convert earthly materials into otherworldly devices built to the required specifications for space travel. “Many talented people work together to build the various things that go into a set,” says Scott Wellenbring, SGU’s head of contruction. “Lighting, set dec, paint, special fx and more all need to work together.”

“The Destiny ship was beyond my imagination for a set,” Wellenbrink said during an exclusive interview with the VIP Fan Blog. “The universe sets were so amazing. I don’t think we left anything on the table.”

For fans, VIP Fan Auctions is offering several opportunities to own a piece of the SGU construction crew’s finest handiwork. Right now, auctions are taking place for actual components of the Destiny, including a lighting fixture and a floor grate from the ship. The detail on each is piece is amazing – and shows that the design crew left no detail ignored.

The jewel of the current auction block, however, is a segment of the actual stargate (see photo above). Check out the details here.

Check out all of the Stargate auction items here – and place your bid today!