The key to being a good spy is to make sure no one knows you’re spying. You have to blend in like a regular civilian. If done right, the author of this blog post could be a spy (he’s not) and you wouldn’t ever know it. As the unhinged Nathan Fowler on the Audience channel’s Condor, Brendan Fraser isn’t technically a spy – he works for a private military company that works for the CIA but he has the trappings of one, specifically his leather briefcase with a secret compartment (click here for photos and more information). VIP Fan Auctions is now offering this screen-used accessory, which includes a plague distribution device (please don’t distribute an actual plague – not cool), a liquid plague container (again, please keep your diabolical plagues to yourself), four placeholders and a set of paperwork. Click here to check out the briefcase, and get in the spy game today with this functional piece of Condor!