VIP Fan Auctions is reopening the Stargate To Bring Fans Artifacts From the Classic Film Exclusively on ebay

(Los Angeles, CA – Feb. 11, 2019) When Stargate opened in theaters in 1994, it dazzled audiences with a combination of action, archaeology, spacecraft, and pyramids in an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride across the cosmos. Twenty-five years later, VIP Fan Auctions – the premier online auction house for props and wardrobe featured on-screen in major film and television productions – is reopening the cosmic portal to offer fans the opportunity to claim incredible artifacts left behind from the original Stargate film.

The science-fiction classic stars Kurt Russell (Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2) as Col. Jack O’Neil and James Spader (The Blacklist) as Dr. Daniel Jackson, who find themselves in an epic battle against Ra (Jaye Davidson), the Egyptian sun god who has spent thousands of years enslaving humans across the galaxy to serve an alien race. When one of Ra’s intergalactic transporters is discovered on Earth, it sparks a revolution.

For one week beginning Feb. 15, 2019, VIP Fan Auctions will continue the adventure by hosting a special online auction of more than a dozen rare collectibles from the classic 1994 film. These include multiple models that were created by the legendary prop house Distortions Unlimited, which was provided the master foam molds from Stargate following the production of the film. These include the distinctive mask and headdress of Ra, the head of a Mastadge beast from Abydos, the eagle helmet (with robot eye) of Horus, a model of Anubus and more. This Stargate auction will be powered exclusively by eBay with photos and descriptions of each item available at

Featured Preview Items

Production Model Ra Mask, Headdress & Collar

Production Model Ra Mask, Headdress & Collar

Mastadge Creature Head

Screen Used Horus Eagle Helmet with Robot Eye

Production Model Horus Guard Helmet with Collar & Stand

Production Model Horus Guard Helmet

Screen Used Fire Cauldron Stand Set

Production Used Alien Hand Set

Screen Used Guard Collar

Production Model Anubis Guard Helmet and Collar

“The mythology of Stargate has endured for 25 years thanks to a timeless story, groundbreaking special effects, and legions of passionate fans,” said VIP Fan Auctions Managing Partner Mark Kaminky. “VIP Fan Auctions is proud to bring these rare collectibles to fans of Stargate.”

Stargate ruled both the universe and the box office in 1994. Written, produced and directed by Dean Devin and Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), the undisputed kings of 1990s popcorn action, the film grossed nearly $200 million worldwide, spawned three live-action television series and continues to entertain generations of fans.

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