black-sails2Pirates have gotten a very over the top look, that has turned into a farcical parody with each passing film. A film called Cutthroat Island was rated the biggest flop of all time according to the Guinness Book of World Records. After that, many studios steered away from pirate films. However, television has proven it was ready for an in depth dark drama. Black Sailsis Starz latest attempt to capture the imagination, after their success with Spartacus, a series renowned for its exaggerated violence, steamy nudity and dynamic story line.

Black Sails brings the wild politics of piracy to life, with challenging of authority and rebellion plans playing a common theme. Through the show’s mix of deception, desire, discrimination and plenty of pirate swearing, you have a basis for the series.  The show is a prequel to the book Treasure Island, set 20 years before the Robert Louis Stephenson classic. Based on the history of real life John Silver, Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny, the series also adds fictional characters like Captain Flint and Billy Bones. ‘Black Sails’ combines dark humor, violent action, historical interpretation and a fair share of sex in each episode.

The directors are truly TV professional with Neil Marshall (who directed two of the most ambitious episodes of Game Of Thrones), Sam Miller (who directed the bulk of the BBC hit Luther) and T J Scott (whose credits include Gotham, Constantine and Spartacus: War Of The Damned), among others. The show’s series creators Robert Levine and Jason E Steinberg, had previously worked on Human Target and the underrated Jericho. They capture the high seas, using South Africa to create a real New Providence Island and The West Indies, and rep the time period with fantastic set design and costumes. The show has been given a lot of support from Starz and has given the producers the time to make this show to live up to its potential. The Season two starts January 24, 2015.