Quirky genius clone Cosima Niehaus (Tatiana Maslany) owns the most recognizable laptop on television. The HP notebook computer (pictured above) with the colorful DNA double-helix on the cover that she used to piece together the truth of the Clone Club will soon belong to the Orphan Black fan who places the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Though it’s been reset to its original factory settings (no Dyad secrets on the hard drive), Cosima’s laptop features a Radeon™ Graphics 1.90 GHz processor, 8.00 GB (7.46 GB usable) installed memory and a 64-bit operating system (click here for photos and specs). The laptop also includes a Canon scanner. Click here for photos and information on this key piece of Orphan Black technology – and get in on the bidding today!



Cosima Niehaus (played by Tatiana Maslany, of course) is one of the most popular clones in the Orphan Black “sestrahood.” She’s brilliant, loyal and cool – the kind of clone anyone would want – and bears a striking resemblance to the show’s science consultant, Cosima Herter. “It’s a crazy thing!” Herter told Huffington Post Canada back in 2014 of being an inspiration for a TV character. “Well, Graeme [Manson, Orphan Black’s creator] and I have known each other for a long time. It started off as a conversation between friends, and then grew into more. It just so happened that the concept of the show mapped onto what I’m studying, which is evolutionary biology and cloning, and the history and philosophy of science.” VIP Fan Auctions is giving fans of Orphan Black an opportunity to own a signature piece of the on-screen Cosima by offering her trademark glasses (worn on-screen by her stand-in for multiple episodes) as well as Cosima’s long sweater, shirt and skirt worn on-screen by Maslany in the fifth-season episode “Gag or Throttle.” Click here to see all of the available Orphan Black wardrobe items, including more from Cosima’s closet!