The Horseman of War may not be as infamous as his headless colleague, but he is no less apocalyptic. Riding a horse with flaming eyes and wielding a sword of fire, the Horseman of War is a terrifying vision. It’s a role assumed on the battlefield by Ichabod Crane and subsequently inhabited by Crane’s son, Jeremy, on Sleepy Hollow – and now VIP Fan Auctions is offering one fan the opportunity to don the Horseman of War’s armor. The screen-used riding suit (pictured) includes the horseman’s black helmet, hood and headpiece; gloves; chest and shoulder armor; arm and leg guards; belt, boots, sweatshirt and pants. Available in a separate auction is the Horseman of War’s tarnished sword (pictured, flames not included), which measures more than three-feet long and has been carefully crafted by the Sleepy Hollow props department for authenticity. Click here to see all of the available Sleepy Hollow props and wardrobe and claim your piece of the legendary horror tale today!



The architect of the Four Horsemen, Sleepy Hollow’s demon Moloch never met an Apocalypse he didn’t like. A fallen angel doomed to Hell, Moloch traded in souls to create Horsemen, banished others to Purgatory and generally never quit on his dream of bringing a fiery end to the world as we all know it. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering one Sleepy Hollow fan an opportunity to walk in Moloch’s hooves, literally, by placing the screen-used Moloch costume on the auction block. A terrifyingly awesome piece of Hollywood costume-making magic, the custom-made Moloch costume includes the demon’s cape, skirt and belt – as well as the mask, horns, body suit, legs, gloves and shoe stilts to convincingly unleash The Horrid King on your neighborhood. Click here for photos of each piece and more information on this phenomenal Sleepy Hollow costume and wardrobe – and let the scares begin!