A key element of Stephen King’s epic series The Dark Tower is Maerlyn’s Rainbow – a collection of 13 mystical (and cursed) orbs of different colors that represent the 12 Guardians of the Beams (and a black orb that represent the Tower itself). The orbs also play a central role in the film version as Matthew McConaughey’s wicked wizard Walter (above) uses the orbs to peer between worlds. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering one of the screen-used orbs of Maerlyn’s Rainbow from The Dark Tower film. The otherworldly gray, pink and orange sphere lights up for full effect – though it is not guaranteed to open portals into Mid-World for non-wizards or gunslingers. Click here for photos and more information on this enchanted piece of film history – and claim a piece of The Dark Tower today!



Fans of Stephen King’s epic series The Dark Tower know the significance of Maerlyn’s Rainbow – a collection of 13 mystical orbs of different hues to represent the 12 Guardians of the Beams with the black orb representing the Tower itself. The orbs allow their users to peer between worlds – but beware: all are cursed. In the film version, Matthew McConaughey’s wizard holds them in his hair – but now VIP Fan Auctions is offering several of these infamous stone spheres to fans. Currently available is a pair of bluish-gray orbs (one is hollow) used on-screen in The Dark Tower. In addition, a pair of lighter-colored (orangish-pink) orbs are also available. Click here to see all of the available props and wardrobe items from The Dark Tower, and get in on the bidding for a piece of film and literary magic today!



One of the most important drawings in Jake Chambers’ (Tom Taylor) sketch book is of the Dutch Hill Mansion (pictured) – a dilapidated old house in Brooklyn that holds a portal to Mid-World, as well as some very angry floorboards. It’s a pivotal moment in the Dark Tower when Jake turns to the Internet to learn the location of the house as he embarks on the journey to meet the Gunslinger (Idris Elba) and face-off against the wicked wizard Walter (Matthew McConaughey). The original Dutch Hill Mansion sketches featured in the film version of The Dark Tower are now available at VIP Fan Auctions to the fan who places the winning bid. Click here for photos and more information, and join the bidding on this pivotal piece of Dark Tower artwork today!



The horrifying minions of the evil wizard Walter (Matthew McConaughey) in The Dark Tower are more than just a vivid dream that Jake Chambers transfers to his sketchbook. Wearing suits made of human skin to keep Walter at ease and to blend-in with the humans – and children they abduct – these creatures are living nightmares. For fans of The Dark Tower, they can also be remarkable décor – VIP Fan Auctions is offering a collection of five of Jake’s sketches of the skin-wearing goblins, offering an up-close look at their “seams” and a bona fide piece of Hollywood history from the long-awaited film version of the Stephen King epic tale. Click here for more information and photos of the drawings – and place your bid today.



Like a post-Apocalyptic Wicked Witch of the Old West, The Dark Tower’s evil wizard Walter (played with grinning viciousness by Matthew McConaughey) could look beyond his world with the help of a mystical orb. Fans of the Stephen King book series will recognize these orbs as the set of stones known as Maerlyn’s Rainbow, but Walter relies on the black-and-blue orb to keep a safe distance and watchful eye on Roland in Mid-World. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the screen-used orb to The Dark Tower fan who places the winning bid – click here for photos and more information, or to join the bidding today!


Dark Tower Releases New TV Commercials

The Dark Tower has recently release three new, 30-second TV commercials.

One commercial features Roland (Idris Elba) explaining the history and mission of the Gunslingers, which is to kill the Man in Black.

The second commercial focuses solely on Roland as he speaks some of the most well-known lines from the book. This clip is focused strictly on Roland.

Contrarily, the third clip focuses on the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey). He says that no matter what, the tower will fall. He also says that, ‘Death always wins.”

See what McConaughey tweeted below.

The on-screen adaption of The Dark Tower is scheduled to hit theaters later this summer. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this epic event. The Dark Tower has the potential to be one of the best mov-ies of the year!
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The Dark Tower Unveils TV Series


The makers of The Dark Tower are unveiling some of their plans for the companion TV series. The movie, which stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, hits theaters on February 17. It will delve into the classic novel by King which covers the adventures of Roland Deschain and the mysterious Man in Black.

MRC and Sony have committed to a full run of between 10 and 13 episodes, which will begin shooting in 2017 (hopefully premiering in 2018). It is yet unclear who will distribute the movie, however it is believed that they will require a cable or streaming platform. MRC has already established a relationship with Netflix (thanks to House of Cards), so that is a potential option for the high-flying drama. A second season of TV is possible, however not confirmed. The plot will be developed to leave a door open to more episodes.

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Inspired by the life and times of Newton Knight – who led an armed rebellion of deserters and slaves against the Confederacy during the Civil War – Free State of Jones is currently in theaters, but props from the feature film are now available at VIP Fan Auctions. The movie, which stars Matthew McConaughey as Knight, takes place in Jones County, Mississippi, which was a hotbed of historical activity during the era. Currently available are screen-used items ranging from the Knight family bible – a gorgeous book that also features a Birth and Death page with listings for the birth of John Madison Knight, son of Newt and Rachel Knight – to horrifyingly gory battlefield body parts created for the production. Don’t miss your chance to own a distinctive piece of this period film – click here to see all of the Free State of Jones props today!


‘Free State of Jones’ Moves to June 24th



STX Entertainment’s Civil War epic Free State of Jones is moving from May 13 to June 24. Directed by Gary Ross and starring Matthew McConaughey, the film follows Newt Knight, a defiant southern farmer who bands with local slaves and farmers to take on the confederate army in their county. Knight led an uprising in Jones County, Mississippi to succeed from the confederacy and create a free state.

The new date will allow it to be closer to the Fourth of July to give the film a patriotic theme. The film also stars Keri Russell, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mahershala Ali. The new date has the film competing with 20th Century Fox’s tentpole Independence Day: Resurgence and Sony’s Blake Lively drama thriller The Shallows. That is some strong competition and we will see how much of an impact McConaughey’s star power will result in people going to the theatres to see Free State of Jones.


‘Free State of Jones’, A True Civil War Story

Free State of Jones
The new movie Free State of Jones has brought a Civil war era true story to light and tells a tale of a Mississippi farmer who led a revolt against the Confederacy. This is not a story they tell us in school, but the Smithsonian magazine will tell us the true story.

The story is told in Jones County, Mississippi, where a poor white farmer who led an extraordinary rebellion during the Civil War. With a company of like-minded white men from southern Mississippi they did the unthinkable. Knight waged guerrilla war against the Confederacy and declared loyalty to the Union. In spring of 1864, Knights Company overthrew the Confederacy in Jones County and actually raised the Unites States flag over the county courthouse in Ellisville. The county was known as the free state of Jones, and some say it actually succeeded from the Confederacy. Knight and his men had several hideouts and the Confederates would continue to send in troops but couldn’t destroy the rebellious company. We will see how much of the film sticks to being historical accuracy, but nonetheless I am excited for this film that should be action packed and it also stars Matthew McConaughey as the lead role. The film comes out May 13, 2016.