The Horseman of War may not be as infamous as his headless colleague, but he is no less apocalyptic. Riding a horse with flaming eyes and wielding a sword of fire, the Horseman of War is a terrifying vision. It’s a role assumed on the battlefield by Ichabod Crane and subsequently inhabited by Crane’s son, Jeremy, on Sleepy Hollow – and now VIP Fan Auctions is offering one fan the opportunity to don the Horseman of War’s armor. The screen-used riding suit (pictured) includes the horseman’s black helmet, hood and headpiece; gloves; chest and shoulder armor; arm and leg guards; belt, boots, sweatshirt and pants. Available in a separate auction is the Horseman of War’s tarnished sword (pictured, flames not included), which measures more than three-feet long and has been carefully crafted by the Sleepy Hollow props department for authenticity. Click here to see all of the available Sleepy Hollow props and wardrobe and claim your piece of the legendary horror tale today!



Freddie Krueger. Jason Vorhees. Michael Myers. Chucky. All have tremendous street cred as monsters, but none can compare to the sheer terror, longevity and “bridge-cred” of the one-and-only Headless Horseman. A horrifying spectre driven by the combustible combination of pain, betrayal and jealousy, the decapitated Abraham Van Brunt of the supernatural TV series Sleepy Hollow becomes the Horseman of Death – resurrected in the 21st century along with his nemesis Ichabod Crane to unleash another generation of terror. VIP Fan Auctions is arming one Sleepy Hollow fan against the Horseman by offering his screen-used sword from the first season (pictured). The metal sword is nearly 35-inches long with a decorative 24-inch blade. Click here for photos and more information on this amazing piece of horror history – a join the bidding for a screen-used piece of Sleepy Hollow’s legendary Headless Horseman today!



In 15th century England, the sword was an extension of the arm for warriors in the royal army, and the designs of each were as distinct as the warriors who wielded them. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a wide selection of swords featured on-screen in The White Princess, including the long sword with a gold-and-brown handle carried by Lord Strange (Nicholas Audsley, pictured above). The prop sword is nearly 40-inches long and designed by The White Princess props department to appear authentic (click here for photos and details). Also available is the silver prop short sword wielded by Jasper Tudor (Vincent Regan). The sword is 19-inches long and a phenomenal piece of craftsmanship (click here for photos and more information). Check out all of the available items at VIP Fan Auctions and get in on the bidding today!




To survive in the army of King Henry, you must be strong, quick, heavily armed and well protected. If you can supply the strength and speed, VIP Fan Auctions can take care of the rest. Straight from the muddy and bloody battlefields of The White Princess, the site is offering a pair of shields (see above) emblazoned with a red dragon, an axe and a rose battlefield banner from the house of Tudor is currently available (click here for photos and more information). Also available is a battle-tested red-dragon shield, axe and club (click here for images) – as well as a 39-inch long sword, dagger and scabbard (click here). To see all the battlefield gear currently available from The White Princess, visit the show’s auction site and get in on the bidding today!



Battles in the late 15th century were fought with blades, armor and grit – and the finest swords belonged to knights and noblemen such as Lord Strange (played by Nicholas Audsley), the stepbrother of Henry Tudor, and John de la Pole (played by Adrian Rawlins), the Duke of Suffolk (also known as the “Trimming Duke”). The swords of both men, featured on-screen in the Starz miniseries The White Princess, are now being made available to fans of the series at VIP Fan Auctions. The prop sword wielded by de la Pole is silver with a black handle (click here for photos and more information), while Lord Strange’s sword is silver with a gold handle (pictured, sheathed, above – click here for photos and more information). Both measure nearly 40-inches long. Also available is a long sword used by a Burgundian soldier on The White Princess – it is gray with a brown-and-gold handle with blue rhinestones (click here for photos and more information). To view all of the available prop weapons currently available from The White Princess, click here and get in on the bidding today. These auctions end soon!




Another of the Black Sails cast who first entered popular culture back in 1883 as a character in the classic novel Treasure Island, Billy Bones (aka William Manderly, played by Tom Hopper) is quartermaster of the Walrus ship. He is honest, loyal, brave and believes wholeheartedly in the righteousness of the pirate mission – and isn’t afraid to kill to further it. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the sword of this righteous pirate, featured on-screen in the third-season episode “XXVI.” The prop sword has been exquisitely crafted by the Black Sails props department for authenticity. It measures more than 30-in. long with a handle that is roughly 7-in. wide. Click here for photos, more information and to get in on the bidding today! This auction ends soon.




A ruthless pirate sailing out of New Providence in the early 1700s, Captain Charles Vane (played by Zach McGowan) led the crew of the Ranger. In the epic Starz series Black Sails, Captain Vane is both a rival and ally to Captain Flint – at one time planning to steal his ship, and then rescuing him from the authorities. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Captain Zane’s screen-used sword (click here for photos and more information) as well as his custom-made leather coat perfect for sailing the high seas (click here for photos and information). Also available is Captain Zane’s complete pirate outfit, including his custom-made leather pants, scarf, vambraces, belt, boots and shirt (and not a puffy pirate shirt – click here for photos). Whether you are on of Black Sails legion of fans or simply need gear for swashbuckling, click here to see all of the available screen-used props and wardrobes currently available from Black Sails.




Byung-hun Lee stars in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Columbia Pictures' THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

There’s an old adage that says you should never bring a knife to a gunfight, but don’t bother telling that to The Magnificent Seven’s resident blade runner, Billy Rocks (played by Byung-hun Lee). With a blade in his hand, Billy strikes as quick as lightning and is just as deadly. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans a piece of The Magnificent Seven’s movie-making magic in the form of as collection of his weapons, including a knife used for visual effects that gives the impression of being impaled but without the expensive medical bills and stitches for extras. In addition to the VFX dagger, the collection also includes an 18-inch sword, 9-inch dagger, 7-inch knife and a brown holster. Click here to see all of these items used on-screen by Billy Rocks to help clean up the town of Rose Creek – and get in on the bidding for your screen-used blades used on-screen in The Magnificent Seven!




No one is more lethal with a blade than The Magnificent Seven’s Billy Rocks (Byung-hun Lee). Whether pulling it from his belt or his hair, Billy fires knives faster than most can draw a pistol, which has helped make him and his best friend, Goodnight Robicheaux (Ehtan Hawke), a fistful of dollars and has sent many others to an early dirt nap. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans a remarkable opportunity to claim Billy’s most distinctive swords and sheaths – the silver-colored blades he fires from his belt as The Magnificent Seven arrive in Rose Creek to clean up the town (pictured above). Click here for more information and photos of these weapons featured on-screen in one of the year’s biggest action movies – and stake your claim today!




The futuristic firepower on display in Defiance – cold-fire weapons, biomagnetic guns, charge blades – is impressive, but the “ancient” weapons featured in the series, specifically, the wooden sword from the planet Casti – is a thing of beauty. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a production-used, 33-inch wooden Castithan sword with native script etched on the blade. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a remarkable prop from Syfy’s groundbreaking multiplatform series. Click here for photos and more information about the unique sword – and place your bid today!