As an actress and as a singer, Hailee Steinfeld is having an amazing career. The 19-year-old’s debut single – last year’s “Love Myself” – went platinum and her film career, from True Grit to Pitch Perfect 2 to The Edge of Seventeen (now in theaters) is full of box office and critical hits. VIP Fan Auctions is now giving fans a chance to claim of piece of Hailee Steinfeld’s filmography with several of the outfits she wears on-screen as frustrated high-schooler Nadine in The Edge of Seventeen. Currently available are Nadine’s Top Shop shirt and pants; her Guess denim jacket, necklace, floral dress, suede purse and Vans shoes; her Divided sweatshirt, multicolor Converse Chucks, and skirt (see outfit above); and her red American Apparel sweatshirt, Distinctions skirt, leopard-print Vans, plaid skirt and necklace. Don’t miss your chance to claim a piece of Hailee Steinfeld’s career while you can – visit VIP’s The Edge of Seventeen auction page today!