It’s not good to provoke Flash Gordon while he’s in a drug-and-alcohol induced fantasy flashback – especially if you happen to look and act like his diabolical archenemy, Ming the Merciless. Ted’s volatile neighbor found this out the hard way after Flash – actually actor Sam J. Jones – broke through his wall during the movie’s wild party scene. It made for one of the funniest moments in the movie – and a fantastic nod to the 1980 “classic.” Best of all, for a few hours more, the Ming costume that actor Thomas Wu wore during the  Flash Gordon fantasy sequence in the blockbuster comedy Ted is now available at TedAuctions.com. Don’t let this opportunity to own a truly inspired – and hilarious – piece of movie history (and Seth MacFarlane’s vivid imagination) get away. Click here for details or to place your bid – but hurry. The auction ends soon.