The head of the Colony, Nathaniel Taylor (played by Stephen Lang), is a battle-tested soldier who was the first human to arrive on Terra Nova. He’s made many sacrifices, including banishing his own son from Terra Nova, and is a prime target of the Sixers. Ultimately, Taylor is the chief caretaker of Terra Nova – and one fan will become the caretaker of a set of his screen-worn wardrobe (pictured above). VIP Fan Clubs is offering the shirt, jacket and pants worn by Taylor in the pivotal episode “Vs.”, in which Taylor reveals how he destroyed his son Lucas’ time bridge (designed to drain the world of its resources) and killed his old friend and mentor General Philbrick. Don’t miss your chance to own this piece of sci-fi history by clicking here – and take a look at many other Terra Nova props and wardrobe auctions available right now at VIP Fan Auctions!