A top-tier gladiator in terms of both honor and ferocity, Barca (played by Antonio Te Maioha) was one of the stars of Batiatus’s (John Hannah) ludus and often served as his bodyguard. Working for a man as brutal and volatile as Batiatus, however, can be as dangerous as fighting in the arena. Ultimately, Barca would have his throat slit at the hands of his psychotic master and die before the finale of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, though he would return in the prequel, Gods of the Arena. The gladiator is also remembered as his name is shouted in the final season. VIP Fan Auctions is currently offering the helmet Barca wore during the “Paterfamilias” episode of Gods of the Arena (pictured above) to the winning bidder. It’s an amazing piece of Spartacus history created specifically for the series by the production’s props department. Don’t miss your opportunity to own this piece of the Starz epic today – click here for additional photos, information and to get in on the bidding!