There is a lot to learn about the SG-1 mythology, even the most diehard Stargate fan. For instance, have you ever wanted to translate something into Goa’uld? Needed to decipher a certain glyph? The lexicon is the encyclopedic binder of the numerous characters, terms and technology used on-set by the SG-1 writers, editors and directors to keep the long-running saga’s continuity intact (and to avoid being corrected by dedicated fans). VIP Fan Auctions is making a production-used SG-1 lexicon (used through the series’ first eight seasons) available to the fan who casts the winning bid. The lexicon includes photos, an appendix of the SG-1 glyphs and military insignias, Jaffa tattoos, character injuries, story arcs, a Goa’uld dictionary, Unas dictionary and an alphabetical listing of terms used in the series. In addition, the first page of this copy of the lexicon features a short note that says “Thank You! Kate” written by author Kathleen Ritter. This is the definitive reference for SG-1, so don’t let it slip away. Click here for more information and to place your bid today!