Have you ever wanted to learn to speak Goa’uld? Wondered about the meanings of the different glyphs shown on SG-1? There are certain tools used in the production of any long-running series – especially a saga like SG-1 – with numerous characters, terms and technology that writers, editors and directors rely on to keep the story straight for continuity (and to avoid being corrected by dedicated fans).  Perhaps none are as valuable as “The Lexicon” – the SG-1 dictionary of terms and character information. VIP Fan Auctions is making an production-used SG-1 lexicon (used through the series’ first six seasons) available to one fan. It includes photos, an appendix of the SG-1 glyphs, a Goa’uld dictionary and an alphabetical listing of terms used in the series. This is the definitive reference for SG-1, so don;t let it slip away. Bid today!