Former model Gabrielle Solis (played by Eva Longoria) was known as the most fashionable of the Desperate Housewives, while Wisteria lane’s reigning homemaker Bree Van de Kamp-Hodge (played by Marcia Cross) spent a lot of time wearing an apron. Mrs. Van de Kamp-Hodge could also dress to kill, however, as evidenced by the stunning sleeveless Fendi dress (pictured above) she wore in the sixth season premiere “Nice is Different than Good,” during which she ends her affair with Susan Mayer’s (Teri Hatcher) ex-husband. The designer dress is currently available for one lucky fan to own at VIP Fan Auctions (click here for details and to place your bid), where fashionistas will also find a breathtaking supply of other designer dresses worn on-screen during the sixth season of Desperate Housewives, including a Catherine Malandrino dress worn by Eva Longoria, a Prada outfit worn by Marcia Cross and more! Click here to see all of the available Desperate Housewives props and wardrobe items now available at VIP Fan Auctions!