During an interview in the Oct. 17 New York Times, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner discussed this past season of the series – and he also talked about how it should ultimately end. Noting that Mad Men has not yet been renewed (though he says he expects it will be), Weiner added that when it is time to end the series, he has a vision for how it should sign off. “I think everyone has suggested that that’s the way it would be,” he told The Times columnist Dave Itzkof. “And I also feel like there’s a way to end the show, to leave the taste in people’s mouths. That artistic decision, to complete it, is very strong for me. We have a gigantic audience – a gigantic audience, no matter what is said about it. It has a tremendous life on the Internet, and DVD and all these other things, and it’s been so good for both of these companies, as good as it’s been for me. So I assume that everything will work out.” When it comes time – you know, in 40 seasons or so – how would you like to see the series end?