“Victory” did not come without a cost. The series finale of Spartacus saw the heroic rebel leader cut down by the overwhelming numbers of the Roman army. In his final showdown with Crassus (Simon Merrells), Spartacus (LIam McIntyre) is about to deliver the deathblow when he is gravely wounded by three spears from behind – though his dutiful lieutenants Agron (Daniel Feuerriegel) and Nasir (Pana Hema Taylor) arrive to finish the battle and bring their leader to the mountains where Spartacus dies a legend, a symbol and a free man. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the rebel uniform Spartacus wore on-screen during his final hour – including his bloody cuirass (including attached dagger and belt) and greaves (pictured above). Click here to view photos of this historic piece of television history – and to place your bid today.