Eureka creator Jaime Paglia recently revealed a third-season storyline that never materialized. “We had planned an entirely different arc for Allison and Carter’s growing romance,” Paglia tells VIP Fan Blog. ”Then Salli Richardson-Whitfield told us she was pregnant.  We decided to write it into the show as being Stark’s child. It completely shifted her dynamic with Carter as he had to be a friend and support for her.”

The move had a butterfly effect on the characters – and the series.

“Another huge change that came from the pregnancy was in ‘Ship Happens,’” Paglia says. “We had planned to have the ship arrive, but the passenger wasn’t Kim, Henry’s lost love.  It was going to be Kevin’s father whom Allison lost on a space mission when she was pregnant with Kevin.  We always wanted Blair Underwood for the role.  But we shifted gears and made it Kim Anderson instead.  Huge difference.”

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