24 Live Another Day

24 fans should be very excited to hear that Fox is strongly considering more season of the show. With the unbelievable cliff hanger we left off at during Live Another Day it would almost be cruel to never learn what happened to Jack Bauer.

Interestingly enough, the season may not feature Kiefer Sutherland as the lead actor, but we know that Kiefer supports the continuation of 24 either way.

The show is almost too good to stop. After running constantly from 2001-2010, they claimed it was over. Rumors of a movie circulated for some time and were eventually shot down. Then in 2014 Fox rebooted 24 with a 12 episode mini-series called 24: Live Another Day.

The last time we saw Jack Bauer he was being flown away in a helicopter. I don’t know how we could find out what happened to him if Kiefer isn’t featured in the season, but I’m sure that would have to factor in.

Stay posted for more updates on the future of 24.