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The featured dancers of Hustlers all remember the “last good day” as Sept. 28, 2008 – the night when Usher came into the club and the last night before the financial crisis that decimated the bank accounts of their Wall Street clientele. We’ve also reached the final 24 hours of auctions for Hustlers wardrobe and accessories – worn on-screen by Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Lizzo, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and others – in the blockbuster film. Visit VIP Fan Auctions while there’s still time to throw down some cash on truly amazing pieces of Hollywood history, ranging from Destiny’s (Wu) Bebe fur jacket, Armani Exchange shirt, Guess shoes and jewelery (click here for photos and more information) to Ramona’s (Lopez) burgundy leather coat and purse (click here) to Mercedes’s (Palmer) white and gold Bebe dress, jewelry and purse (click here). The official Hustlers auction site has ensembles suitable for bedrooms, board rooms and all places and poles in between. Click here to check out all the available pieces worn by some of the biggest stars walking the planet today – but don’t work the clock too long because these auctions are all closing soon.