As Susan Mayer-Delfino, Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher enjoyed one of the most diverse wardrobes on the series. Whether she was naked in the bushes or dressed to kill, Susan was able to pull off seemingly any look with style. If you’re a fan of the actress, the character, the series – or simply great fashion – don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of Hatcher’s Desperate Housewives wardrobe. Currently available at VIP Fan Auctions is the negligee she wore in the seventh season episode “Truly Content” (pictured above), the more casual jacket, scarf and jeans ensemble she wore in the fifth-season finale “If It’s Only in Your Head” and understated blouse, pants and belt combo she wore in the final season’s “Give Me the Blame” episode.

Check out all of these screen-worn wardrobe items – and other designer clothes worn by Marcia Cross (as Bree Van de Kamp), Felicity Huffman (as Lynette Scavo), Renee Perry (as Vanessa Williams) and Eva Longoria (as Gabrielle Solis) on Desperate Housewives.