House of Cards’ Frank Underwood lied, cheated and killed his way to the White House. He was simultaneously menacing and charming, unpredictable and calculated – all the while playing the political games better than anyone – Frank was simply the biggest “FU” in Washington. It seems only fitting that the majority whip-turned-vice president-turned-POTUS would don a pair of double-entendre’ed “FU” cuff links to begin his tenure as veep. House of Cards fans know that the monogram cufflinks signified far more than simply Frank’s initials – and now one Fortunate Underwood fan has an opportunity to claim the classic accessory form the second-season premiere. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Frank’s screen-worn “FU” cufflinks (pictured) to the House of Cards fan who casts the winning bid – click here for photos and more information, and join the bidding today!