Blackbeard didn’t just sail the high seas, he commanded them. As big and burly in person as in reputation, Edward “Blackbeard” Teach was as brilliant as he was fierce. The mere mention of his name struck fear in the hearts of honest men and pirates alike. In the epic Starz series Black Sails, Blackbeard (played by Ray Stevenson) valued strength above all else, and whether it was with cannons, fists, pistols or knives, Blackbeard loved the battle. Fans of Black Sails now have an opportunity to claim a piece of Blackbeard’s legend – VIP Fan Auctions is offering the dagger he used on-screen in the series. Silver with a gray handle, the prop 11-inch blade Blackbeard kept tucked in his belt (pictured above) is designed to look authentic and will soon be in the treasure chest of the fan who casts the winning bid. Click here for photos and more information, and get in on the bidding today. This auction ends soon!