You don't even have to play it backward to learn secrets!

While the Glee Christmas album isn’t scheduled to hit stores until Nov. 16, advance copies of the disk are revealing some interesting hook-ups. According to E! online, Lea Michele (Rachel) has two solos, “Merry Christmas Darling” and Wham!’s “Last Christmas,” which imply that Rachel and Finn are on the outs. She sings: “We’re apart, that’s true, but I can dream, and in my dreams, I’m Christmassing with you…” The fourth and most revealing track features the flirty Christmas classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – sung by Glee’s Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer). Blaine croons the lines: “I’ll hold your hands…They’re just like ice…Gosh, your lips look delicious…” while Kurt answers; “I wish I knew how to break this spell…I’ve gotta get home…I really can’t stay.” And no, there is no track about Sue Sylvester getting run over by a reindeer. The Glee Christmas episode is slated for Dec. 7.