“Just supporting a couple of friends…”
that’s how LaMarcus Tinker’s acting career began. Three young actors from Houston paid 33.50 each for bus tickets to Austin. Two had roles as extras in the NBC drama FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. The third just thought it sounded like a cool ‘road trip’.

The three arrived a day early for the first day of shooting. They had no food, no place to stay and no transportation to the shooting location. So, LaMarcus Tinker and his two friends sat down under a tree outside the bus depot and wondered what to do next.

LaMarcus made a phone call to an old theater teacher. She arranged hotel accomodations and food for the three young men. Once on location, Tinker was playing pool with a man he thought to be a crew member. It turned out to be the show’s director, Peter Berg, who immediately took a liking to LaMarcus.

He admits his first scene was a little nerve-wracking. Berg put Tinker is a scene with FNL veteran Taylor Kitsch and newcomer Madison Burge. He’s been a recurring character ever since. Big #79 is known as “Dallas” Tinker on the show. He protects quarterback Vince Howard and holds down the defensive line, too. This season he even picked up a fumble and scored a touchdown. The ensuing touchdown celebration dance was…uh…memorable…

You can also see LaMarcus Tinker on ABC’s ‘Cougartown’. Not bad for a guy who left Houston two buddies, the clothes on his back and a 33 dollar bus ticket.

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