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Television has never seen a character like Ozark’s Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) – she is simultaneously tragic and heroic, brilliant and vulnerable, spiteful and nurturing, and a grand master in the art of profanity. With the final episodes of Ozark now streaming on Netflix, VIP Fan Auctions is now offering fans of the series an opportunity to own signature pieces of wardrobe featured on-screen, including Ruth’s screen-worn leather Studio M jacket, shirt and Levi’s (click here for photos and more information) featured in the fourth-season episode “Let the Great World Spin,” her black Banana Republic jacket with brown shirt (click here) worn during the third-season episodes “Wartime” and “Civil Union” and her green Arden shirt and jeans worn during the fourth-season premiere, “The Beginning of the End” click here). For something more causal, check out a collection of Ruth’s tee-shirts from Season 1, including her Tupac Shakur shirt (click here). Visit the Ozark auction pages at VIP Fan Auctions to see these and more authentic pieces of screen-worn wardrobe and other items straight from the set!