One of the coolest items we’ve ever offered up for auction came from ‘Friday Night Lights’. In the week that one of American television’s greatest dramatic series airs it’s final episode, we offer a set of 4 state championship tickets…the East Dillon Lions versus the Hudgins Hawks.

Nevermind that this game never actually took place. It’s the journey that matters. It’s the climb from obscurity for the two-year old Dillon Texas stepchild, the East Dillon Lions. It’s redemption for Coach Eric Taylor, who was pushed out just one season removed from a Texas HS state championship as head coach of the Dillon (now West Dillon) Panthers. It’s Vince Howard and the internal battle faced by a hardened street kid. It’s farmboy Luke Cafferty, who never intended to attend East in the first place.

All that, plus the Riggins’, the Collette’s, Becky, Jess and Buddy Garrity equal one eagerly anticipated finale. While there is little doubt that the East Dillon Lions win the game, remember…it’s the journey that matters…and what a ride it’s been.

So long…to a memorable piece of series television…produced by people committed to doing it right. We’ll all miss Friday Night Lights. But, you can own a piece of the show’s storied history…check out this set of 4 tickets to the state championship game. You’ll see them in the series finale episode, but bid on them now at

Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can’t lose…