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“What do you do, Martin, when the bride that took your breath away, becomes the wife that made you hold your breath in terror?” Jacob Snell (Peter Mullan) asks Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman during a fateful moment of Ozark foreshadowing. In other words, do NOT upset Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery). The Snells – the married couple with a massive heroin business in a seemingly backwater Missouri town – find themselves at odds when they disagree about how to handle a threat from the Navarro cartel, which is setting up shop on their land. When Jacob plots to kill his beloved on a walk through the woods, he soon discovers that Darlene has outwitted him, already poisoning his morning cup of coffee before their final walk through the woods. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the infamous mug and the Snells’ wedding bands to the Ozark fan who casts the winning bid (click here for photos and more information). Don’t let this opportunity to claim this signature piece of Ozark history – straight from the Snell kitchen. Click here to join the bidding today!