Automatic carbon-infused pistols. Tempered O-shield armor with self-healing functionality. Audio targeting and 360 infrasonic cameras. Microscopic solar O-cells. All of these features and more make Omnicorp’s EM-208 a miracle of modern engineering, designed to restore order and leave criminals quaking in their boots. Sure, sometimes a glitch with sort of firepower can be… problematic… but that isn’t stopping VIP Fan Auctions from making key components of an EM-208 featured on-screen in Robocop available to the fan who places the winning bid! The screen-used EM-208 head, legs and torso offers an up-close look at the detail the visual effects masterminds painstakingly created to bring these cyborgs to life. Click here to see photos and more information about each piece. If you plan to reanimate the EM-208, however, please use extreme caution and program it NOT to engage fellow Robocop fans.