Toby Stephens of Black SailsWhen Toby Stephens, who plays the brutal, grizzled sailor Captain Flint on ‘Black Sails’, was interviewed by, he spoke of a fight scene on the deck of the boat early on in shooting. It gave him a good grip on the character Flint and showed the physical side of the character, which is very important to him with character development. The fight revealed why he is feared and why he is what he is. It placed an image that lasts through the episode, that he is a very frightening guy. This fight scene seems so very real that at a point you don’t know who will win and there is a moment where it seems Captain Flint is going to die.

Toby says he believes you will be surprised on how real and in depth the pirates are and that they’re real human beings with very complex lives and motives. It is unlike any pirate series that has been put out there before. The series is a very complex story with historical context for the characters and a real economic reasoning for what they’re doing. It also will explain how piracy works. Toby thinks Captain Flint’s biggest threat is himself as he is a very complicated person with a dark personality. The series will gradually reveal his reasons and motives overtime and there will be several flashbacks from Flint’s past in the second season.

Check out the full interview which reveals that he has a love interest, and that his ultimate treasure would be to gain the respect and love of his crew. Finally he discusses the incredible boats created by production. He says the ship lies in front of a green screen, but because it looks so real, you have no idea that they’re not out at sea. So get ready to jump in the action, Black Sails is currently airing and you can catch it Saturday nights on Starz.