Billie Lourde’s “Chanel No. 3” in Scream Queens quickly emerged as a fan favorite for her disaffected eye-rolling sardonic indifference to the madness of being in a sorority targeted by a homicidal maniac in a devil costume. Then again, for a practical gal who simply wears earmuffs every day to solves the problem of an obsessive former boyfriend who wanted to take her ears, Red Devils with chainsaws and butcher knives probably seem par for the course. Scream Queens fans also loved her quirky sense of fashion, even beyond the aforementioned earmuffs, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering one of her most memorable outfits, which she wore on-screen during the first season finale, “Dorkus.” Chanel No. 3s’s American Apparel cropped Kappa Kappa Tau shirt and feathery Milly miniskirt (pictured) are almost too fabulous for school, but when you roll with the Chanel’s there’s no such thing as understated. Click here to check out more details and photos of this Scream Queens ensemble, and get in on the bidding today. This auction is ending soon!