Messala (Toby Kebbell) was adopted by the family of Ben-Hur and repaid that debt by betraying his adoptive family – framing his childhood friend, Judah – and joining the Roman army. In the 2016 big-screen epic Ben-Hur, Messala ultimately finds redemption after the most intense chariot race ever filmed, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering two amazing pieces of Messala’s custom-designed wardrobe from the film. Currently available is is Messala’s screen-worn military uniform, which includes his helmet, armor, tunic, vambraces, wrap, shorts and skirt – as well as his charioteer uniform (pictured above), which includes his screen-worn armor, tunic, vambraces, pants, skirt, greaves and elbow pads. Visit the Ben-Hur auction page to see photos of all of the available wardrobe and props from the film – and claim a piece of Hollywood history!