True Blood Cast photo
Carrie Preston has told True Blood followers that the final season is going to be a “thrilling ride.” Preston, who has played the role of Arlene Fowler since the beginning of the series, revealed that the writing team has shown the cast a handful of scripts and that they have began shooting the first two episodes. “We’re on the train and it’s going to be a thrilling ride. … In true “True Blood” fashion, we pick up right where we left off and we keep going at a million miles an hour,” said Preston.

The premiere episode of “True Blood” Season 7 is called “Jesus Gonna be Here” and is directed by Stephen Moyer, who plays the role of Bill. The leaked casting sheet has revealed that a number of new characters will be introduced in the first episode. Also, multiple flashbacks will show Tara and Sookie as ten-years-old. Meanwhile, Bill’s wife and daughter will be seen in one of the flashbacks. The second episode will introduce a young, beautiful French woman, called Sylvia. She will be introduced as a potential love interest of Eric. One can expect some hot, steamy moments between the two.

As reported previously, the filming on “True Blood” Season 7 began on January 06, 2014. The final season will consist of ten episodes and it is expected to premiere sometime in summer, 2014.