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Aretha Franklin was the caliber of artist who influenced both music and style. This made the job of Clint Ramos, costume designer for the 2021 biopic Respect, both daunting and sheer delight. As the film progresses, Ramos says he changed the colors of Aretha’s (played by Jennifer Hudson) wardrobe as the Queen of Soul’s life story progressed. One hue, however, was tailored to the film’s star, Ramos explained to IndieWire. “I don’t have evidence of Aretha wearing that much purple, but I know Jennifer loves purple, so there are a couple of recording outfits that I did in purple.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering one of the purple outfits (pictured) worn by Hudson in the film – a sleeveless shirt, slacks, earrings and shoes combo worn during the scene in Muscle Shoals Recording Studio with her sister (click here for photos and more information). Visit the Respect auction page to see this signature piece of wardrobe, as well as numerous others, featured on-screen in the film and own a piece of movie history today!