Ugly Betty star America Ferrara must be reading the VIP Fan Newsletter! The actress reportedly told the U.K. website What’s On TV that, while she is happy with the way the series ended, she has high hopes for an Ugly Betty film based on the series. “There’s always a chance [of an Ugly Betty movie],” she told the site. “Hopefully, people will want more and then we can come back in [a film] in a couple of years and see what life after the show brought her. That would be wonderful and our audience would love it.” In an exclusive interview with the VIP Fan Blog last month (excerpts of which will be published in the VIP Fan Newsletter), Ugly Betty castmate Judith Light said, “I do think Ugly Betty could definitely translate to the big screen… if it ever does get done, there will be a terrific team in place and I’m sure they will come up with a great story for the movie and for every one of our characters.

America Ferrera as Betty