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The screen-used Star Trek props from the private collection of late Michigan schoolteacher Renee Austin represent some of the most distinctive and significant pieces of the franchise’s history. After more than a decade in storage, the “Collection of a Lifetime” is now being offered to fans through a VIP Fan Auctions special event – “I know that in her heart, she would just love that somebody’s going to appreciate all of this as much as she did,” said Austin’s daughter, Ariana. “My mom would have wanted other people to enjoy it.” The entire collection is vast and ranges from toys to books to autographs and more, but here are the top 5 props and rare replicas now available:

Odo’s Bucket: One of the quirkiest containers ever imagined, Odo’s bucket from Deep Space Nine (pictured) is the pail in which the Changeling is contained when he returns to his gelatinous form. This particular prop featured prominently in the series finale of Deep Space Nine (“What You Leave Behind”) and when Odo, played by René Auberjonois (who also designed the prop), is presented to Kira as a farewell gift before he returns to The Link. The prop is in a display case that also includes a hand-signed letter by Auberjonois to vouch for its authenticity (and the bucket is also signed by the actor).

Vulcan Harp: Mr. Spock was fond of playing the 12-string Vulcan harp (or lute or lyre), the soothing instrument featured in multiple episodes of the original Star Trek. This rare replica was created by Dominick Giovanniello of Creative Guitar Studios, and has been autographed by Leonard Nimoy. Click here for more information and photos.

Set Phaser to Stun: This is a phaser used on-screen by The Doctor (Robert Picardo) in multiple episodes of Star Trek Voyager. The phaser is framed and includes an autographed photo of Picardo in the role.

Voyager Boomerang Phaser: This boomerang phaser originated on the set of Star Trek Voyager. The silver and black device is constructed of foam with static buttons and a holster built into the handle.

Entry Denied: This sign from the bridge of Star Trek: The Next Generation was featured in the first-season episode “The Naked Now” and its lights are functional (remote controlled) to alert the crew of danger!

For additional pieces of screen-used artifacts, rare merchandise and more from the Star Trek franchise, be sure to also check out the collection of prosthetics and masks (including a set of Mr. Spock’s ears) – click here to see these amazing pieces of visual and makeup effects!