Vikings Season 4 episode 7 " The Profit and the Loss" Recap

This season of Vikings has been very hard for me to watch honestly. I don’t say that because it hasn’t been as great as past seasons, but I say that because one of my favorite television characters, Ragnar is becoming incredibly hard to like. He is in a dark place and seems to have an addiction that he can’t break. The episode starts off with Ragnar planning the attack on Paris. His plan seems underwhelming and you could sense it was going to end badly. He planned to send his long ships passed the forts and attack from land to distract the Franks from taking out the long ships. Yet, this seems to simple, Rollo has to be expecting a land attack and Ragnar cannot expect it to be that easy. Lagertha has volunteered to lead the coalition from land and this bothers Ragnar. Ragnar and Lagertha may start to have a closer relationship again, it definitely seems like Ragnar is starting to pay a lot more attention her than in the past.

The land army was getting killed left and right, but they were technically doing their job and the long ships seem to be on the path of passing the forts significantly untouched, although Rollo has created a chain that does not allow the ships to get passed. The rest of the battle is a bloodbath and the Vikings have several casualties. Although, Ragnar saves Floki from sinking to the bottom of the river, which may lead to him becoming his right hand man again, but we will wait and see where this complicated relationship goes.  They retreat and unfortunately come back to a damaged camp and several more dead Vikings. Rollo still seems out of place with the Franks, but there is no turning back now, he is a complete traitor to his people and his main objective is defending Paris from his brother.

Back in Kattegat, Harbard has returned and Aslaug as well as several other women appear to be falling into a spell from his charm. There is even a connection between Kattegat and Paris as there is a weird scene where Aslaug is having sex with both Floki and Harbard, which alerts Floki to the fact that Harbard has returned. It will be interesting to see if he shares this information with Ragnar this time.

In Wessex, King Ecbert appears to be continuing to fulfill his destiny to create a powerful united kingdom. King Ecbert is heading to Mercia. Along the way he meets with Prince Wicksten, the other legitimate contender for Mercia’s throne. He is disappointed what has happened to his once proud respected family and would be happy to hand over the official Mercian crown to Ecbert. Also, I wonder if Kwenthrith will find out about this meeting.

Back in Paris the defeat is weighing heavily on Ragnar and he is relying on the drugs from Yidu to help him through this time. Bjorn is also very frustrated and blamed his father for the defeat against the Franks. This may be Bjorn’s chance to take over if Ragnar is incapable. The last scene is Ragnar muttering like a crazy person and is telling Bjorn to tell everyone to retreat.

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