For almost three decades, our dedicated team has connected fans with their favorite movies, TV series, and more, while constantly adapting to the ever-evolving entertainment industry. Our journey began with the launch of Cinescape, an entertainment magazine, in 1994, and expanded with licensed magazines and fan clubs for The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek, and numerous blockbuster films. As the industry changed, we initially focused on offering officially licensed television and movie merchandise. However, in 2003, we shifted gears and launched our first fan auction, featuring screen-used props and costumes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and never looked back. This transition to studio direct entertainment memorabilia auctions allowed us to provide fans with unique, authentic pieces of entertainment history directly from their favorite shows and films.

The inception of VIP Fan Auctions’ studio direct auctions marked the beginning of our commitment to providing studios with eco-friendly solutions for post-production items and establishing a global platform for fans to acquire and preserve entertainment memorabilia. Consequently, we launched the sustainable Film2Fans initiative. This cutting-edge approach not only underscores our steadfast dedication to sustainability but also celebrates the successful preservation of over 160,000 entertainment collectibles, contributing significantly to the protection of our treasured entertainment history. These core principles, forged from our transition to fan auctions, continue to define our mission and guide our actions at VIP Fan Auctions today.

With a legacy of over 400 successful online auctions for the world’s premier entertainment brands, VIP Fan Auctions takes immense pride in our loyal customer base, boasting a 100% positive feedback rating, our valued studio clients, and our devoted team of experts who ensure the success of each online event. As we move forward, VIP Fan Auctions remains steadfast in our role as the trusted source for studio-direct props and costumes for entertainment fandoms across the globe.

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