Warehouse 13 was designed by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and MC Escher (with a little help from Albert Einstein) as a secure and secret place to hide important artifacts ranging from enchanted juggling balls used by W.C. Fields to a mantle clock that belonged by Sigmund Freud. VIP Fan Auctions has removed a number of the artifacts from Warehouse 13 and are offering them to the fans who cast the winning bid. Currently available are Freud’s aforementioned clock (featured in the fourth season), which allows the user to enter the subconscious of another; Viking prince Godfrid Haraldsso’s Spoon (season two), which was used to give his warrior’s strength in battle; and Shiro Ishii’s medal (season three), which is used for interrogations. Claim your piece of history today – click here to check out all of the available Warehouse 13 artifacts and wardrobe items!