Greg McClean, the series creator and director of the upcoming theatrical feature film The Belko Experiment and creator of the new Wolf Creek series shares in this exclusive clip the influence of Stephen King. Horror literature God and pop culture mainstay Stephen King has inspired and influenced millions of horror fans around the world. When you think of horror literature you think of king.

McClean directed the original Wolf Creek back in 2005 and throughout his career he has shown that he is the hero of contemporary “Ozploitation” filmmaking. The clip shows that he wouldn’t be who he is today without the influence of Stephen King and Wolf Creek might not be a thing at all. In the clip, McClean talks a lot about how Stephen King was an expert at making the audience believe the story was real and that is where the real fear comes from. Hopefully McClean can execute this strategy in his upcoming film The Belko Experiment.

The Belko Experiment comes out next year, March 17, 2017.