Too hot for network TV?

The perpetually perturbed Parents Television Council (PTC) has issued a new report (titled “Tinseltown’s New Target: A Study of Teen Female Sexualization on Primetime TV”) that looks at the sexual content among the broadcast networks top-rated television series among teens. Among the biggest offenders cited by the PTC were “The Vampire Diaries” and “Glee.”

“It is outrageous that TV executives have made it their business to profit off of programs that depict teen girls blissfully being sexualized by casual partners and only showing disapproval for being sexualized five percent of the time,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

The report analyzed sexual references and innuendo, instances of partial nudity and implied nudity and anatomical or STD references, among other criteria.

The report notes that 73 percent of televised sexual incidents involving girls under 18 were designed to be humorous, calling it “laughter to desensitize and trivialize topics that might normally be viewed as disturbing.”

What do you think? Is TV too steamy for teens?