When it comes to the science fiction realm, everyone appreciates a creative storyline and good acting, but whether you’re setting your phaser to stun or getting clocked with a gaderffii stick – it’s the weapons that help set the stage for any sci-fi or fantasy film or series.  Several notable prop weapons from TV series including Heroes and the Stargate franchise are currently available at VIP Fan Auctions. For hand-to-hand combat, the Black Bear sword featured on Heroes as well as a screen-used Unas spear featured in the seventh-season SG-1 episode “Enemy Mine” are on the auction block. A screen-used Bolakai cudgel created by the props department for the fourth-season Stargate Atlantis episode “Missing” is also available.

And, of course, if you’re not careful with these props, bids are also being accepted for Lt. Tamara Johansen’s (Alaina Huffman) screen-used medical bag and supplies from Stargate Universe. Click here for all of the amazing props and wardrobe items available now at VIP Fan Auctions.