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When Ozark debuted on Netflix in 2017, it quickly assumed its place in the pop-culture zeitgeist as one of those series that had everyone talking. With a cast of characters ranging from the (seemingly) ordinary Byrde family to the unpredictable Langmores to the menacing Snells – not mention murderous drug cartels, unhinged FBI agents and numerous and the guy everyone wants for an uncle, Buddy, the series had it all – and very little was actually as it seemed. With the final episodes of Ozark’s legendary run set to debut in April, the VIP Ozark Shop is offering an array of the Byrdes’ screen-used wardrobe items from the series – available now. The list of items ranges from Jonah’s basketball shorts and tee-shirt (click here) to Charlotte’s Club Monaco romper (click here) to Wendy’s pajamas (click here) – all from that groundbreaking first season. Visit the VIP Fan Shop‘s special Ozark collection for photos and more information on these items and more!