Will Stargate return? Its the question fans of the franchise have been asking since Stargate Universe signed off in May. When the website i09 posed this question to David Hewlett, who played Dr. Rodney McKay on Stargate: Atlantis, the actor sounded hopeful for the (distant) future. He said: “Yes, yes I do. Will it involve the people that you’re used to seeing in it? Probably not. That’s going to be a while, my guess is as good as yours… It’s a franchise that I can’t imagine them completely letting go. My hunch is it’s going to need a bit of time before they’re ready relaunch something like that. We’re joking about how I miss spaceships, but they don’t make that kind of science fiction anymore. Not on TV.” While we all wait for Stargate to return, you can own a piece of the franchise – literally – by bidding on screen-worn wardrobe items and props (including components of the Destiny) at the VIP Fan Auctions’ Stargate page. (Rumor has it that Hewlett took ownership of several Stargate sets when production shut down). Click here to be transported back to the world of Stargate and place your bid on a piece of TV history today.