How would you like to walk a mile in Rob Lowe’s shoes? Share a wardrobe with Cameron Diaz? Or perhaps borrow a designer belt from Jennifer Garner? Fans have a rare opportunity to do all of the above – literally – by placing a winning bid a VIP Fan Auctions. The auction site has recently listed a Prada belt Akris dress worn (pictured above, left) by Jennifer Garner in the quirky comedy The Invention of Lying, as well as the dress (pictured above, center) and boots worn on-screen by Cameron Diaz in the psychological thriller The Box. The site also has a pair of Prada shoes worn by Rob Lowe and the license plates that belonged to Ricky Gervais’s (pictured above, right) fibbing Mark Bellison in The Invention of Lying. All of these amazing screen-worn wardrobe items and props are available now – but place your bid quickly – the auctions end soon.